1 New Feature of Instagram to Promote Ads

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets marketers able to target specific audiences through Stories. The new feature “Promote for Stories” is being tested globally, which is like Facebook “boost” tool to lets marketers pay to reach more user feeds, reported by Tech Crunch.

Through “Promote for Stories”, the business pages will be able to show their ephemeral story to certain users based on variety of characteristics like location and follower similarity. According to Tech Crunch, Facebook confirmed that it is testing the Instagram Promote feature worldwide, but the exact time frame of the launch is not yet confirmed.

On the other side, this means for most users will see more targeted advertisement in stories based on their interests and the accounts they have followed. For instance, you might see a higher concentration of fashion ads in Stories if you follow a lot of fashion accounts.

In the series of these updates, Instagram also announced that IGTV content creators can now share a preview of their video to their Story. What interesting is the preview will be in image. Nevertheless, Instagram seemingly hopes that will boost the traffic to IGTV because the viewers will be enticed by the image and heading to view the video.

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