5 Reasons Why Free Website is Bad For Business


When you wish to start an online business, having a website is a base and necessary for any business. However, most beginners want to keep their cost as low as possible, hence the free website builders that offering some types of free packages have become the best choice for them. But this doesn’t mean that you can get your domain name or your brand. Here are the reasons why having a free website is a bad idea, and you should avoid it.

1. Not Mobile Friendly

You aren’t going to get a responsive website design if you using a website builder. The website may look decent on desktop, but it’s giving poor user experience when checking it out on mobile devices.

2. Slow Website Speed

Most of the free website providers are sharing the same server, and you could imagine that there are getting more and more sites joining that one server everyday. This makes for a website that loads at a very slow speed and eventually crashes and down time.

3. Unprofessional Web Address

You don’t even get your own domain name on some website builders. Though some free website builders are offering custom domain names, but they usually come with a fee. A free website will give you a URL like “freewebsite.com”, which is diminishes brand value and you can’t expect potential clients are going to contact you to do business from your website.

4. No Analytics or Reports

One of the purposes to having a website is to track visitors’ behaviors and preferences. So that you can do re-marketing to your existing or potential customers via online ads. Without analytics or reports from a free website, you simply can’t do this.

5. They Can Sell Your Information

The free website builders are providing free services to make money, and one way they make money is selling your information to other companies. This small detail is always mentioned in the terms and conditions, they might get the right to use it at their own discretion wherever they want to.

Creating a good website isn’t just throwing a few elements on the page, but built with the user in mind to create a perfect user flow and smooth user experience. This requires a good website structure, SEO technique and professional design. If you’re interested to own a professional website, we’re here! Call us at 6012-334 3029 (YY LEE) for more information. We are professional Penang website design company!

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