5 Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working


Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your potential customers. If it’s executed correctly, a social media marketing campaign can bring traffic to your website and generate new leads for your sales team. 

There are so many options, from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Youtube, and the list goes on and on. 

However, you need to have a multi-pronged effort that works to capture people’s attention, while also advertising to them in a value-based way. If not, your social media marketing might not work! 

Here are some reasons why your social media strategy might not be working for your business.

1. Your social channels are overly self-promotional

If you’re only sharing self-promotional content on your social media profiles, Facebook will make sure your followers don’t see your posts! Most marketers’ common mistake is using social channel as free advertising platform, pushing as many promotional messages as possible. In fact, overly promotional leads to decrease engagement of posts. The more your social content engages your prospects, the more likely it is that they move further along the sales cycle to produce a return.

2. You don’t understand data

Understanding data is an essential for social media marketing strategy, it’s a crucial for fully understand exactly what your efforts are producing. If you can’t measure, analyze and react to the data created by your social activities, then all your effort for social media marketing is in vain. To figure out if your social content driving engagement, traffic and sales, you must get familiar with Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Facebook Insights.

3. Not engaged

Your followers and prospects are expecting to get your responds through Facebook page. If you aren’t appreciating them and not responding to their questions, then they will go elsewhere. Just treats Facebook messages as email inquiries and get back to them within one business day.

4. You expect immediate results and give up when you don’t see any.

Social media is something that requires long-term commitment and careful cultivation. It takes time and effort to maintain and generate returns, and you won’t see the quick results from this type of marketing. Persistence and remarkable content is key to success on social media and get the great performance.

5. You Aren’t Advertising

Though not every business has a large budget to invest in adverting, but social media advertising is the best way to to reach a targeted group of consumers.We strongly urge brands to pinch off some budget and test social advertising. If you don’t, then the social media marketing results might disappointed you.

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