6 Awesome Free Online Graphic Design Tools in 2023

online graphic design tools can help you create stunning layouts

Relevant imagery and visual appeal are essential components of a successful website. The right designs can help your website engage visitors, improve your credibility, and earn more customers. 


According to research, it takes a mere 2.6 seconds for users’ eyes to focus on an aspect of your website that influences their opinion. Furthermore, they form an opinion of your website in less than a second. This means you’ve got to get it right – right away.  And the best way to achieve this is through proper visual elements and web design!


Thankfully, many online graphic design tools can help you create stunning layouts. Using the right tools and combining them with relevant content can increase your profits and engagements.

Here are the best free online design tools to opt for in 2023:

#1 Canva

Canva provides a user-friendly interface and a variety of design templates, graphics, fonts, and other design elements

Canva is among the most notable and widely used online graphic design tools. Currently, it caters to over 30 million users and is valued at $6 billion. The comprehensive features of this software allow users to fulfill a wide range of purposes. It has a color palette tool, a photo collage maker, a font combination picker, and much more.


You can either use in-built templates or start from scratch. Even though it doesn’t match all capabilities of Photoshop, it is pretty impressive for a free application. Besides the free version, an affordable paid version brings more sophisticated features to your disposal.


Here is what it brings to the table:

  • Access to icons, shapes, and stickers
  • Extensive font library
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Allows image animation
  • Offers batch processing tools
  • Allows collaboration with other users
  • Plenty of app integrations


Developers keep adding more features to this package according to the users’ requirements. The app goes the extra mile to ensure that beginners without design knowledge can easily create masterpieces.

#2 Vectr

Vectr is a free yet competent vector graphics solution used by social media specialists and project managers to generate vector graphics. It is a cross-platform application that works on desktop devices, including ChromeOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows.


The platform has all the primary features and tools required to create a project. Some essential tools it offers include pathfinders, gradients, fills and strokes, align elements, shape tools, and pen tools. The main perks of using this design tool are:

  • A Shallow learning curve makes it simple and easy to understand
  • Allows to edit, import, and customize according to design requirements
  • Enhanced synchronization and collaboration capabilities


You can easily find the tutorials about using Vectr. The easy navigation design and straightforward process are quite helpful in jumpstarting this platform.

#3 Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another powerful tool for your web designing arsenal. It is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator, serving as a valuable tool for bloggers, marketers, and small business entrepreneurs.


It has an image editor, a video-making tool, and a website builder. These tools help you create beautiful and simple graphics without previous design skills. Adobe will be a great option for creating posters or videos for a promotional campaign.


Here are the benefits you can enjoy when using it:

  • Highly user-friendly (no design skills needed)
  • Integrates stock image libraries
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and web-based services
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Free for all
  • Offers a host of free templates


Unlike its most famous counterparts, this product by Adobe has a gentle learning curve. Another highlight of this tool is its access to Adobe’s paid stock images. You can also upload custom photos and modify them as per your layout. However, make sure to use high-resolution pictures or run the images through an AI Upscaler to improve the quality.

#4 Visme

Visme is the perfect pick for anyone willing to create better content and uplift their design game

Visme is the perfect pick for anyone willing to create better content and uplift their design game. The basic version is absolutely free, where you get access to various design templates and 100MB storage. It is an all-in-one platform empowering non-design professionals from various backgrounds to create enticing presentations, visual reports, data visualizations, and other formats within a short period.


Along with 15 million other users, a few notable entities from IBM, Gartner, Nationwide, and Golden State Warriors use Visme as their content creation tool. It helps them translate boring data into exciting details.


A few features that stand out on this platform are:

  • Users can collaborate and organize the project data
  • Offers automation tools for publishing and display
  • Provides analysis to track content effectiveness


This platform also provides access to free educational content, which is an excellent resource for non-designers who wish to become incredible visual communicators.

#5 Krita

Krita is a type of 2D animation and digital painting software known as the raster graphics editor

Krita is a type of 2D animation and digital painting software known as the raster graphics editor. A creative team of artists is behind this program who wish to provide their community with a pocket-friendly art tool.


If a business is looking to upgrade its graphic design element, it should consider using Krita. Some features it offers include:

  • A vast pool of illustrations and examples
  • It shows basic and advanced methods of using it
  • Extensive drawing tools, like layer masks, smooth shapes, vanishing points, etc.
  • Easy to follow


Krita is often publicized as a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It will be an ideal option for comic book artists as it covers many design tools in this domain.

#6 Lunacy

Lunacy is a graphic design software enabling users to edit vector graphics

Lunacy is a graphic design software enabling users to edit vector graphics. It is absolutely free without any hidden charges or in-app purchases. This makes it an accessible solution for beginner designers who can’t afford expensive graphic design tools.


This program has modest technical requirements and offers excellent responsiveness on middle-range devices. It has many powerful tools that provide in-depth and advanced features.


Here are some of the benefits you can avail when using this tool:

  • Easy learning curve
  • Offer Sketch format support
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Modest hardware requirements
  • Real-time collaboration allows multiple people to work on the same design
  • Built-in graphics like icons, photos, and illustrations
  • Offers enhanced privacy system


This graphic design tool has gained massive popularity since its launch. Its AI-powered tools, like background remover, are indeed one of a kind. You can use this tool to improve the overall web design experience and nurture qualified leads.

The first impression of your website plays a significant role in creating its perception among the audience. A poor graphic design will bore the audience, who will ultimately leave without interacting. It is, thus, imperative for all businesses to choose the right graphic design tool. If your site successfully delivers visual value, it will lead to higher sales, improved conversions, and an enhanced market reputation.


In a nutshell, the first impression is the last. And you must try your level best to ace it! Get in touch with us for more assistance in website design services. Our experienced and skilled team will help you create designs that beat the competition.

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