SSL Will Be Added By Default To All Our Hosting Plans

Attention to all valued customers, we will soon include SSL Certificate Plan to all our hosting by default, and there will be some price adjustments. 


For example,




RM240/yr discounted to RM100/yr



The upgrade will start to be implemented on 1st January 2022 after your renewal.


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What is SSL and its Certificate

Why Need to
Install SSL

Why We Make it Default for You

Pricing & Exclusive Discount

Effective Date

Questions You
Might Ask

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What is SSL and its Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are protocols for establishing authenticated and secured links between networked computers. 


Meanwhile, an SSL certificate is a digital document that binds a website identity to a cryptographic key pair. Simply put, here’s how an SSL certificate works:

Why Need to Install SSL?

Data Protection

Every bit of data transited between server and browser is encrypted. SSL certificate secures customers’ data to keep the information private and protected from hackers.
Boost Website Ranking

Using an SSL certificate can boost a website’s search engine ranking. Many SEO experts agree and have proved that the Google algorithm has given the upper hand to HTTPS-enabled websites since 2014.
Build Trust with Consumers

64% of internet users will leave the site immediately if they find the website is not secured with https. Audiences are far more likely to study about a secured site and share their information more confidently.
Identity Affirmation

When installing an SSL certificate, you must go through a validation process to verify your organization’s identity. SSL helps save users from fraud and enhances your organization’s reputation.

Why We Decided to Make it Default for You

We help you stay competitive

Up to 82.2% of the websites using a valid SSL certificate in 2021. Due to the vast benefits of installing an SSL certificate on a website, we hope to help our customers stay ahead of their competitors.

Avoid warning messages to your visitors

If there is no SSL encryption on the website, your visitor will see the warning message of  ‘Your connection is not private’ when they come to your website. Many customers might think there is something wrong with their websites. Thus, we believe this measure can avoid the issues above.

More and more websites are using SSL by default

Besides, recent data shows that more than 46 million websites used SSL by default in 2021. As an up-to-date digital marketing agency, we believe this move can mutually benefit our clients and us.

Pricing & Exclusive Discount for Our Valued Customers

SSL price will be reduced from RM 240/year to only RM100/year and included in our regular Hosting Plans (Only applicable to hosting plans subscribers)

For existing hosting subscribers, you will get the same discount for our SSL from RM 240/year to RM100/year

New Hosting Plans Prices with SSL Installation

Business Hosting (10 GB)



RM240/yr discounted to RM100/yr



Corporate Hosting (50 GB)



RM240/yr discounted to RM100/yr



Effective Date

This new plan and pricing will soon launch starting 1st January 2022. Your next renewal in 2022 will come with this new price.

Questions You Might Ask

No, you will get our exclusive discount as well, which costs only RM100/year! Also, we will upgrade the hosting security for you.

To ensure your website security and customer’s safety, we will make SSL certificate installation default following your subscription to our Hosting Plan. The upgrade will start on 1st January 2022.

No, you will only need to renew before the expiry date as usual. The implementation of SSL will take effect once you renew your hosting plan.

For Business Hosting (10GB), there will be RM480/ year; For Corporate Hosting (50GB), we charge RM700/ year. Both plans are inclusive of SSL certifications.

Your website URL will start with HTTPS instead of HTTP, and there is no more a red padlock icon and the warning message of ‘This site is not secure.’ This means your website will be more secure and can foster your visitors’ trust.

Just let us know when we send you a renewal notification. We will move your hosting to an insecure server.

Sign Up for Your Website Security Now!

Find the right hosting and SSL certificate to protect your site now.

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