Top 5 industries booming during Coronavirus crisis

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Which 5? And how can you tap into the trend?

The coronavirus crisis has forced many businesses to close, but some businesses are uniquely suited to the crisis with all kinds of businesses creatively learning to adapt to coronavirus. While many companies are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, these five industries are booming.

So, instead of complaining about why this happens to us, why not we take a look at what are the opportunity around us, life must go on, right?

5 Industries Are Currently Thriving

1. Health Care

HealthCare Image

The outbreak of coronavirus has contributed to an increased demand for all kind of healthcare products like face mask, hand sanitizer, thermometer, Protective clothing and so on. Almost all countries in the world run out of these products. Those manufacturers work almost 24 hours to produce the products to fulfil the high demand during this time. If you are in this industry supply chain, I believe you are busy with your business.

HealthCare Graph

Source: Google Trend
It shows that people searching for health care products are increasing tremendously these few months.

2. Online education

Online Education Image

The online education sector is experiencing a boom as schools nationwide are suspended. The shift from real to virtual suddenly has gone into overdrive. Education companies have found an opportunity to launch more e-learning courses as more universities and schools have shifted online.

Many countries and cities are lockdowns for more than 1 month. During this period, school and colleges are looking for an alternative to teach online instead of doing nothing.

Online Education Graph

Source: Google Trend
It shows that people searching for the Zoom website is increasing. Zoom app is used for online meeting and training.

3. Remote work

Remote work Image

Remote work and the online medical visits of telehealth were speed adoption. Any traditional face-to-face encounter could seem less necessary as more remote options become publicly acceptable. Companies that facilitate remote working, such as Zoom and Slack, have enjoyed significant spikes since the virus began to spread.

Other tools that help people to work remotely can be found from my previous post: “Working from Home Effectively During Coronavirus

Remote Work Graph

Source: Survey on the impact of the coronavirus on the LSPs in China, conducted by the BLCU and HBUN

Remote Work Sample

Source: Google Trend
It shows that the number of people is interested in how to use a Zoom app. People use Zoom to online learning and meeting.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment Image

Coronavirus crisis has pressured businesses, but some entertainment offerings are providing resilient as people opt to stay indoors. The video-game industry is booming as players buying new distractions from Steam and other online storefronts. E-sports could benefit as sports consumers seek an alternative, with traditional leagues shuttered.

Entertainment Graph

Source: World Economic Forum, on how coronavirus is affecting the media industry

5. Delivery

Delivery Image
As crowds of people opt for delivery, independently owned grocery shop, restaurants and food businesses are depending on outside delivery services, and new procedures are already being implemented to continue generating revenue as Food Panda, Grab Food, Tesco and more. Some businesses also look for Small Business Web Design Companies to design their own eCommerce so that they can start selling online from their own site. People are turning to contactless delivery service that consumers can get a call or text when their order is ready for pickup at an agreed-upon location.
Delivery Graph 1
Delivery Graph 2

Source: Google Trend
The demand for delivery increased very high recently

Conclusion: When a crisis happens especially during this coronavirus crisis, some industries are declining but some industries continue to grow at the same time. It depends on how flexible we are to tap into new opportunities. But overall, you can see that they are all related to health care and the internet.

So, instead of sitting at home doing nothing or complaining, why not take a step further to look for the opportunity that available. Crisis always comes with opportunity, the question is who can see it and grab it

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