Effective SEO Strategy: Content is King

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How to do effective SEO?


As we’ve discussed the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the previous blog,  we are now going to dive deep into effective SEO strategies. As we can see, “Content is King”, one of the most important strategies is content.


What exactly is content? Perhaps the things we write in an essay? Or the stories we create for an article? So, it is basically for SEO, content means information made available by a website. SEO only works well when the content is excellent enough for Google to suggest to the public.

Concepts of Good SEO Content

  • Updated & fresh

In most people’s minds, “new” translates to “better.” A new model, new course, new post—these are all ways of attracting attention and keeping it. People like to try out and view new things, go to new places, everything “new” could be an attraction. So, keeping your website updated is a good way to boost SEO!



  • Useful to your users

Make sure we help! A useful website makes a good SEO. Users are pleased when the contents fulfill their intentions. Moreover, Google chooses the best websites that possibly solve the users’ problems and ranks them on the top of Google ranking. In consequence, always put yourself in users’ shoes to make sure the contents help!

Content is King when it is updated and user friendly
  • Unique & informative

Good content must be unique and informative to foster interest and stand out from the other contents. There are millions of websites with great contents on the Internet, and to become a unique and useful one is important for effective SEO. SEO unique content contains tons of useful information, with the writer’s own opinions and data. No sense for Google to rank your website if your content is no different from others. As a result, duplicate material is a no-no in SEO.



  • Statistics, listing, infographic

Readable. Nothing is more vital than making text easy to grasp, which is mostly determined by whether the content is readable. Many elements influence the readability of a piece of text, including jargon, terminology, spelling and grammar, and sentence structure. In addition, statistics, listing, and infographics make reading processes easy.



  • Localize

Did you know that 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information whereas 97% of search engine users searched online to find a local business according to go-globe. Most importantly, 72% of customers, who search for local businesses, end up visiting stores within five miles. Hence, localization helps users especially when they search for something “near me” such as “badminton court near me”, or “gym near me” .

For example, when a Malaysian user searched for “culture”, Google would possibly promote Malaysia cultures articles first instead of other countries. Take note that localization in your contents is also important where the contents could be images, videos, currencies, and ecommerce retailers.

  • Interesting & well designed

Lastly, for the sake of user experience. An interesting and well designed website enhances user experience. An easy to use website which provides interesting information, and breadcrumbs makes the searching process smooth. Long story short, Google will most likely rank the websites fulfilling all good content aspects to the users, delivering effective SEO.

6 SEO Content Examples

This section shares about what could we include for 6 different types of contents. Let’s have a look to gain some ideas for your content!


  • Blog

Blogs are used for knowledge sharing which are helpful for the users. They can gain extra knowledge and get what they want after reading the blogs. Countless contents of blogs can be found on the Internet and here are some ideas for blog content.

blog as seo content
Information SharingIntro to some products/services
Technology behind the scene
How to choose…
How to do something…
Why is this important to you?
What is “jargon word”?
Compile listThe best of xxx in 20xx
Useful tools
  • 10 best website builder tools in 2022
  • 7 essential tools for front-end web development
Trend in 20xx
Things you should avoid
  • Top 7 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022
  • What should be avoided when creating a website
The top mistakes of
OpinionDifferences between…
  • Differences between SEO and SEM
  • Differences between digital marketing and advertising
Pros and Cons of…
  • Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing
  • Pros and Cons of Online Shopping
Why should you do this
  • News

News could be the changes, announcement etc according to the nature of the websites.

Company news
  • New product launched
  • Staff in/out
  • Announcement
  • Award / recognition
  • Closure
  • Expansion
  • Performance
Industry news
  • New technology
  • NGO
  • Competitor
  • Company response to industry happening
National / International news
  • Holiday
  • Covid SOP
  • Company response to big news
  • User manual

User manual basically includes the introduction and procedures of how to use the products. It could also be in PDF (scannable by Google, downloadable), and in text for easy browsing.



  • Product 

Product contents are used to introduce the products and the ways to write the content are suggested below for users’ references.



Basic info
  • Title
  • Short/long description
  • Keyword
  • Price
  • Option
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • More than 1 picture
  • Clear and nice
  • Scalable
  • In various directions and angles
More details
  • Feature
  • Benefit
  • Close look
  • Testimonial
  • Rating
  • Packaging
  • How to use
  • Fact sheet
  • User manual
  • Categories
  • Product: more is better
  • Product filter
  • Advance search
  • Portfolio

A portfolio is a living and changing collection of records that reflect your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes.



Simple list
  • Art work
  • Completed project
  • Completed product
  • Logo of customers
  • Showcase
  • Simple description
  • Category & item
  • Before & after
Case study
  • Problem and solution
  • Method used
  • Before & after
  • Customer introduction
  • Customer feedback
  • Customer introduction
  • Problem and solution
  • Compliment
  • Rating
  • Portrait and picture
  • Knowledge base

For knowledge base content, it could be product tutorial, how to use website tutorial, terms and conditions, FAQ, case study, library (past management, project list, contact list, diary) etc.

Importance of Good Content in SEO

  • Become public resource center

Good content is worth sharing! People would share with their friends if they found the content is unique and informative. A website should be updated from time to time, and it can become a public resource center when there’s good content overloaded.


  • Earn links from users/customers/relevant websites

When you have good contents, other websites would suggest your website as referencing.  By doing so, your websites gain links and increase visibility when it can be found on other websites as well. Authoritative is built and others are willing to promote your website as it is useful and trustworthy! 


  • Better Google ranking

With great content writing, we could have a better Google ranking. Google ranking is important, and this is where SEO works. The importance of Google ranking was discussed in previous blog.

effective seo for google ranking

In conclusion, there is a lot of content that can be created based on the creativity and nature of your websites. Most importantly, make sure the contents help the users and practise the concepts of good SEO content referring to the strategies up there.


Overall, for Effective SEO, Content Is King. 

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