According to the Connected Life, Malaysians are the most active
Instagram users in the Asia Pacific and such numbers are constantly growing.

Reaching An Enormous Audience With Instagram Marketing Strategy

Imagine if you could have reach an enormous audience and making them your potential customers on Instagram in no time with Instagram marketing strategy. With over 1.16 billion monthly active users, with daily spending of about 8 minutes swiping through the Instagram apps, your business will become an influential brand by using the right plans on Instagram.

Aside from both Facebook and Youtube, Instagram’s scrolling features is easy to navigate, while videos and photos are proven to be more digestible by consumers. Its features like IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Hashtag also allowed brands to get more direct with their audiences.

What are you waiting for? Start using Instagram marketing your business now!

Instagram Marketing Services For Your Business

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Research shows that 49% of consumers on Instagram seek purchase guidance from social media influencers.
The amount that the businesses have spent on influencers is over $1 billion per year.
40% percent of Instagram users claimed they had made a purchase as a result of the influencers’ sharings.
Influencer marketing is no longer a choice. Instagram Marketing is an essential tool for your marketing strategy to succeed on Instagram.

Number of fans and likes increase

Number of fans and likes increase

More presentable content

More presentable content

Higher fans engagement

Higher fans engagement

Save your time and cost

Save your time and cost

How Is Instagram Marketing Helpful For Your Business?

Instagram is undeniably one of the most important social media platforms for marketing activities implementation. Whether you’re running a big corporation, a small business, or operating and promoting your own brand, applying Instagram marketing is more than necessary and it’s a must! Let’s read further to know deeper why Instagram marketing is important for your business:

Audience Data

Measuring your marketing efforts and observing your audience data is as simple as monitoring your Instagram Insight.

With Instagram marketing, you’ll not just be able to know who’s actively looking at your visual posts and stories, and you’ll also able to get a more in-depth look on who makes up the majority of your audiences and what are their preferences through Instagram insight.

Visual Content Focused

Photos and videos are the most-engaging content on the internet as well as various social media platforms. On the other hand, visual posts tend to produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts and is 40x times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Instagram unique features of visual and video content posting only is proven to be a great platform for brands to engage with fans and keep them coming back for more.

Storytelling Centred

Storytelling is simply part of human nature and people tend to approach those with the ability to recount dramatic and interesting events.

However, from the perspective of business and branding purpose, telling interesting stories via Instagram Stories is one of the great ways to build emotional connection with audience.

Higher Brand Engagement Rate

Compared to other main social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram actually has a higher average brand engagement rate. With the compliment ‘King of Social’, Instagram has the highest engagement rate of 2.3% per followers (0.2% for Facebook and 0.03% for Twitter).

Engagement rate is one of the most important matrices for brands because it provides a sense of how brands are performing as compared to its competitors.

Our Services

Generate Creative Idea For Your Instagram Posting

The uniqueness of Instagram posting plays a part in attracting new audience and potential customers. With our Instagram marketing service, we generate creative idea for each and every of your Instagram posting in order to make it interesting and attractive.  

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Prepare Posting with Branding Designed and Interesting Copies.

Posting with attractive branding designed and easy-to-read caption makes it extremely persuasive for both new audience and potential customers. We prepare branding designed posting, added with interesting copies to attract your target audience and convert them if possible.

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Perform Regular Posting to Reach More People.

A good posting helps your content stay on the news feed and attract audience’s attention. We create interesting postings and update your pages on regular basis to boost Instagram engagement.

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Setup Advertisement to Get Closer to Your Business Goals.

Instagram Ads allow you to remarket with people who have already interacted with you. We create ads catering to your specific objective and micro-target your exact audience.

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Perform Influencer Marketing to Drive Your Business Sales.

We help you identify and work with the most relevant influencers. You will be more likely to drive sales from an influencer marketing strategy if you get shout outs from influencers with the most relevant followers.

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Launch Retargeting Campaigns to Attract Existing Audiences.

Retargeting campaign is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. We design such tool to help businesses reach the users who don’t convert right away.

Up to 2.8 billion active Facebook users in the globe and 81% of total population of Malaysia are using Facebook actively every month.

Here's Why You Should Hire Us

We Are Not Just a Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency, We Are Your Marketing Partner.

We Know How to Engage With Your Audience Actively and Interestingly

Your social media content does more than just telling your brand. It allows you to engage with your audience and connect with new customers. We engage with your audience by creating attractive contents enhanced with interesting captions and stunning images.

We Prepare Quality Design For Each And Every of Your Social Media Posting.

What you share on social media platforms must work to humanize your business and spark interest in your products or services. We help you design quality, yet stunning images to attract audiences to reading your posts.

We Are Formed By An Experienced Marketing Team.

We are formed by an experience marketing team that’s proficient in almost every marketing activities including data analyzation. Through analysing your audience data, we craft posts that not only attracts, but also target at the audience groups that are most likely to purchase your products or services on Instagram.

We Are Always Eager to Save Your Hassle.

Marketing activities require endless effort and time. In order to ease your business operation and to save your time, we are always ready to give you a hand on this and making you hassle-free on your business marketing activities.

Our Strategies For Instagram Marketing

Perform In-Depth Research On Target Audience

Perform In-Depth Research On Target Audience

Without a basic understanding on target audience of your business could be a big trouble and may results in poor sales performance. We help you to perform deep researches on the audience who are most suited for your business type, so that you can have a clear mind on who to target in the future.

Cultivate Posting Practice That is Suitable for Instagram

Cultivate Posting Practice That is Suitable for Instagram

One of the most important aspects to take your brand to Instagram is commitment of doing it right. This could be differences between failure and success and the Instagram algorithm is completely different with the one on Facebook. As an experienced digital agency, we clearly understand Instagram algorithm and we always cultivate posting practice that’s suitable to it.

Update Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed Regularly

Update Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed Regularly

Squeezing a bunch of contents up on Instagram Feed does not really work because different Instagram features bring different benefits. We create interesting contents and update them regularly on both your business Instagram Feeds and Instagram Stories as both features served different purposes.

Generate Attractive and Relevant Visual Content

Generate Attractive and Relevant Visual Content

Images make a big difference in an overcrowded social media feed. As a visual content posting social media network, Instagram helps businesses to increase the engagement between followers and make their contents be more memorable among consumers.

How is the Process?

    Propose our posting ideas and design to clients.
    Communicate and explain to clients. At the same time, listen to clients’ needs and opinions.
    Prepare caption copies and posting design.
    Ask for clients’ reviews before publishing.
    Successfully Published.

Monthly Fee (per channel)

4 posts / month

8 posts / month

15 posts / month

30 posts / month

*Instagram Marketing Package Price includes: Idea, graphic design, copywriting (-50 words), posting

Post types: Educational info, current issue, product knowledge, company new, etc

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