How to pick the PERFECT Domain Name?

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It’s a big deal choosing a domain name, just as important as choosing your company name.Your domain name is a key element of your website, it’s your “first impression” for other people. You have to ensure having the RIGHT and SUITABLE name, especially if the website will be serving a commercial purpose.

So, how to choose a PERFECT domain name?

1. Keep It Concise

Shorter is better. According to research from, the top-5 websites have had only approximately 6 characters in their domain name. The easier to say, type, remember and share always get the best results. For an example: , (reader digest),

2. Prevent using hyphens and numbers

Yes. We know you have your own lucky number, but please do not place it into your domain. Hyphens and numbers always make things more difficult. For example: “Have you ever visit” Hmmm… It’s not smooth at all.

3. Use keywords

Everyone know keywords can help improve your SEO if you tread it carefully. So, please add some useful or broad keywords and put it at the beginning of your domain. That is one of the reasons to make you have a higher ranking. You may contact us to find the KEYWORDS!

4. Make it intuitive

“Oh, yea! I think is probably doing the website, maybe?” Yes! A good domain name can give people a signal of what a website or your company will be about.

If you are interested to search for an available domain name, we’re here! Call us at 012-334 3029(YY LEE) for more information.

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