The Truth of Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts


Are Facebook Ads and boosted posts the same? Which marketing cost should you invest in so that your advertisements could help you to convert sales like crazy?

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Everyone knows that Facebook marketing is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies nowadays. Based on statistics, you can reach up to 24 million Malaysian users by advertising on Facebook.

However, can you say that you are advertising on Facebook by just simply boosting it?

Firstly, we need to clear up the main differences between utilizing Ads and boosting posts.

What is A Facebook Boosted Post?

boosted post

Based on what Facebook mentioned, a boosted post is the simplest way to advertise your post to your page’s timeline with a minimum amount of money.

You can either create a new post and boost it upon publishing, or you may boost a post that is already created and published.

What are Facebook Ads?

facebook ads

Facebook Ads are similar to boosted posts, but they are way more advanced and customizable.

Ads are created through Facebook Ads Manager as separate entities. You could customize your ads based on various objective variations that suit your business goals the most.

Key Differences between Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads

There are rising statements saying that you are probably WASTING money by just boosting posts on Facebook.

Before we consclude, let us figure out the main differences in 4 major aspects between boosted posts and Facebook Ads.

  • Advertisement Placements

Boosted Post

When you boost a post, there are limitations in terms of ads placement, where you can only choose whether on Instagram, Facebook mobile and desktop News Feed to place your ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads provide a better Ad placement where you can get the additional benefits to place your advertisements on Messenger ads, News Feed side ads, Instagram Stories, Audience Network, and Instant Articles.

ads placement
  • Advertising Objectives

Choosing the right advertisement objective will definitely help you to focus on the best campaign type that in proportion to your business goals.

Boosted Post

post goal

Boosting allows you to focus on page engagement, website visitors and get more messages.

Facebook Ads
facebook ads marketing

Facebook Ads Manager is a full advertising system that lets you choose more specific objectives such as Lead Generation, Conversions, and Store Traffic.


A plus point is, you can create and manage your ads through the mobile app of the Ads Manager.

ads objective
  • Targeting Capabilities

Targeting the right audience is the main key to increase conversions. Do bear in mind, target more audience does not mean that you are targeting the right ones.

Boosted Post

However, Facebook Boosted Post’s function has a very limited targeting capabilities that only focus on age, interests, and gender.

This is hard to guarantee that your ads are reaching the right audience who are more likely to convert.

Facebook Ads

Meanwhile, Ad manager offers far superior targeting options when you are setting up your ad campaign. It provides you a more advanced tool to create overlapping audience types, Lookalike Audiences, and more.

You can determine what kind of audience is performing the best for your business, either clicking, engaging, or converting.

targeting capabilities
  • Creative control

Boosted Post

When boosting a post from your Facebook page, functions such as ads formatting and design options are not available for Boosted Posts.

Facebook Ads

Meanwhile, you can design an advertisement that fits your business goals the best through Facebook Ads Manager.

Options including create carousel ads, specific descriptions, and a call-to-action button. All these components could drive more audience to take an action.

To summarize Boosted Post vs Facebook Ads in one picture:

bp vs fa

The Better Option to Advertise for Your Business

You might still be unsure about which strategy should you choose for your Facebook marketing campaign.

However, result tells us all. Let us see the outcomes of an interesting marketing experiment by utilizing both Boosted post and Facebook Ad.

In Terms of Cost

It is undeniably that boosted post costs much lesser compared to Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads could cost up to 193% more. However, cheaper cost does not indicate a higher return on investment (ROI), which is the bottom line of every business.

In Terms of Result

Facebook Ads dominated Boosted Post in almost all result-related aspects.

Facebook Ads can attract up to 230% more clicks than boosted posts with a lower cost per click (CPC).

Undoubtedly, due to Facebook Ads could reach out to more audience, it can surpass with nearly twice of interactions and post engagements compared to boosted posts.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

This experiment told us the fact that Facebook Ads has always outperformed boosted posts in all terms. We can see nothing good about boosted posts except it is time-saving and a no-brainer.

You might need to spend more time to do proper setting for your advertisements in Ads Manager, but remember, more control always means better results when it comes to Facebook.


Here are the two main takeaways:
  • Boosted Posts are the quick fixes that allow you to reach more people and to target your audience on a very basic level. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads offer the capability to target more precisely.
  • Promote your posts with customized and advanced settings in Ads Manager allows you to maximize your total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while boosted posts are more suitable to ONLY improve post’s reach.

However, choosing between Boosted Posts and Facebook ads is still largely depending on your marketing goals.

Although these two strategies bring out different outcomes, Facebook Ads is still encouraged by most of the marketers as they tend to have a greater, immediate impact and could translate directly to the campaign goals.

If you’re interested to advertise your business via Facebook Ads but not sure how to get started, we’re here! Contact Us for more information. We are professional Penang digital marketing company!

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