The SEO Process Steps in 12 Months!

What are the SEO process steps? As we’ve discussed a lot about SEO, we know there’s a need for your company to start SEO! Do not hesitate, it’s time to make it happen! In this article, we are going to share the SEO step by step that Zoewebs would normally do to clear things up!

PRE- SEO PROCESS STEP: Qualification checking

First and foremost, a quality website is required before beginning SEO. Only good websites that built nicely with all the functions working well could improve user engagement. Hence, Google recognized the “good website” from a variety of perspectives, but the website’s basis must first be solid that

✔️ Website needs to be done and live


✔️ Website must be able to expand to create more content


✔️ Website must be mobile friendly


✔️ Website uses CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Wix etc

seo process steps

before proceeding to SEO. Furthermore, SSL subscription and website redesign are recommended for a better and enhanced website, and we do provide the customized services according to your website’s needs.


Planning, SEO setup, and Monthly SEO are the overall SEO process steps. 


More extensive settings for the website are required in the first three months. Let’s take a look at each phase month by month to see how the process works!

1st Month

Keyword Research

SEO Tools Setup

Website Audit

Keywords are the spirits of SEO. Hence, a right and accurate keyword plays the role. It is necessary to conduct research in order to find the most appropriate keyword for your services as well as the keywords that users would think of. Finding the best keyword is actually tricky because it has to fulfill the service, connect the users, and also to fit in the content well. We need to analyze the market needs, search volume of the keyword and consider the possibility of the keyword to be ranked.

After that, SEO tools such as Rank Math, Yoast SEO are needed to be implemented in the content management system (CMS). They are helpful in the generation of content, posts, and pages for SEO. Finally, website audit. Prior to large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) or a website redesign, a website audit examines page performance. We can learn about the performance and conditions of the website that need to be improved through the audit.

2nd Month

Technical SEO

Website Modification

Speed Optimization

For the first month, we’ve learnt about the overall website and did prepare for SEO with all the tools ready. Then, we will optimize whatever we can in the second month. We will start with Technical SEO; creating robots.txt, sitemaps, installing SSL & Configuration. Robots.txt and sitemaps.xml are important for Google’s search engine to detect, access and crawl your site. Hence, we need to submit the sitemaps to Google Search Console. As a result, Google can navigate your site and show it to users if it is of high quality and matches their queries. During this technical SEO phase, SSL & Configuration is also put up and checked for security services.

Next, website modifications are made.  We will create a 404 page. A nicely designed 404 page will not create confusion to users, and visitors will be informed that the page they are looking for does not exist. A good 404 page should include relevant instructions to guide people back to the home page, and displaying a well-designed 404 page is better than simply displaying a blank page.

Other than 404 pages, we adjust design for mobile friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website is a must for users to interact smoothly across several devices and this is one of the elements of usability listed by Google. Add/update captcha for security purposes and create a content generator will be done as well. This is the reason why we check websites to be able to expand before starting SEO. Content such as blogs/news/knowledgebase/manuals provide users with convenience and additional information, ensuring that your site is of high quality.

Last but not least, speed optimization. Improved page performance will help you rank higher, provide a better user experience, and increase your chances of gaining conversion. Many steps can be done for speed optimization. For instance, minify script, optimize image size, check hosting performance, install plugins to boost speed, and remove scripts that slow down performance can speed up your website’s performance.

3rd Month

Web Page Optimization Proposal

Web Page Optimization

Meetings & Confirmation

Question: Would you wait 5 minutes for a web page to load?


I wouldn’t wait even a minute.

Optimization can improve the overall speed of your site, as we need everything to be done fast, so-called “effective”. It is important as Google will also consider the website’s usability when determining if it is worthy of being ranked first! For web page optimization, we would do keyword mapping, web page audit, modification of proposal before the final discussion and confirmation. Then, title rewriting, meta descriptions, content, and media are all aspects that Google detects for SEO, and we’ll modify them to match the keywords we’ve chosen.

Here’s a fun tip: Even the placement of keywords in a page also has to be considered, and one of them is hidden in the URL! Don’t be shocked that these minor details can make or break your ranking!

4th Month - 12th Month

Content Creation

Link Building

Website Improvement

Monthly Report

Eventually after the foundation was built, we will do the tasks regularly to secure the performance. It is critical to provide more high-quality content regularly in order to boost the chances of attracting more users in various ways. Regular content creation is necessary to keep your site informative, updated and fresh. SEO works well when the content is excellent enough for Google to suggest to the public. Besides, links are essential in doing effective SEO, so we do link building. We create links in order to enhance traffic and establish authority. Link-building can be performed in a variety of methods, and we will do it constantly and make sure they are quality.

In the end, we will do website improvement, update and fix the functions for a better website. A monthly report will be generated for record and also a summary to see your website growing!

Long story short, you know the SEO process steps, indicating how SEO works and efforts are needed indeed! However, if you’re busy, we are an agency who achieves results!

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Do you wish to know more ideas/tips about SEO? Feel free to contact us, Zoewebs, where we could provide MORE with detailed, organized, and professional advice on it. Let’s discuss how we can work together to reach your goals!

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