3 Reasons: Why Is Internet Marketing the New King now?


Internet marketing is now too important to be neglected by all sorts of businesses.

Outbound marketing was once the game name which advertisements were done by blatant through newspapers, radio, TV, and billboard to name a few.

However, the invention of the Word Wide Web technology has caused the drastic changed in the marketing game, which modern marketing = Internet marketing.

Let’s take a deeper look on WHY has this happened:


To close sales is the bottom line of every business. Knowing your audience or buyer behaviour is the key to reach your business goal.

The fact is, the Internet has changed how people shops nowadays.

internet_changed _marketing
Data shows that 81% shoppers research ONLINE before they made a purchase decision. Thus, online presence (website, social media etc) is very important to attract potential buyers, as they could know more about your businesses by searching you online.


There is no secret that budget is always the greatest concern for most marketers. Advertising on traditional channels like TV, radio, and magazines is expensive yet does not give any insights regarding the effectiveness of the advertisements.

In this, the Internet bring a huge changed to the marketing cost, with variety of free and budget-friendly channels.

Such as social media platforms and email, you can engage with your audience and existing customers at the touch of a button. It is cost saving of course, and most importantly it is MEASURABLE. You can set your goal, focus to your target audience, and track the outcomes at any time! 

internet_changed _marketing2


Bear in mind, search is now the most powerful tactic of Internet marketing!


We need to know that when someone wants to do a research, they will type the most relevant words at the search bar, which we have known as KEYWORDS.

internet_changed _marketing3

What is my audience typing? What are they looking for?

SEO helps you to know what keywords your customers are searching. It helps your business ranks higher so it could increase your site’s traffic and bring conversion!

That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is the love of internet marketers nowadays, as it brings powerful outcomes as compared to traditional outbound methods.


Here is just a rough picture for you to understand why the internet has changed the marketing world completely. Just remember, the internet world is iterative, and what it changes does effect marketing too. Thus, marketers should always stay alert and be flexible to taking advantages of the latest trend

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