Promote e-Commerce Website in Malaysia for FREE

Marketplace or e-Commerce website in Malaysia are the places where many offline business owners can make a fortune out of it.

Every Malaysians need to know that the current e-Commerce world has reached a new height after the implementation of movement control order in Malaysia since March.

Based on Statista, the revenue of the e-Commerce websites in Malaysia in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$4,463 million in 2020.

Get to Know the Meaning of e-Commerce

e-Commerce transactions are the sales or purchase of goods/ services conducted over the Internet by methods specifically designed to receive or place orders.

e-Commerce excludes all the offline orders such as by telephone calls

Fully Utilize the E-commerce Insight In Malaysia:

Before we dig deeper into promotion tips of e-Commerce website in Malaysia, let us have a bigger picture regarding local e-Commerce insights beforehand.

Based on the data from,

  • Malaysia is at number TWO after Singapore in terms of e-Commerce consumers in the Southeast Asia region
  • Malaysians’ e-Commerce spending grew by 24 percent in 2018 which is likely to undergo a strong growth over the coming years
  • Our government made a national PRIORITY for the online economy growth

Based on the data from Export.Gov, 2018,

  • 50 percent of the population are online shoppers (53 million Malaysians)!
  • 88% of Malaysian Internet users also visited online retail stores

Marketing Ideas to Promote e-Commerce website in Malaysia for FREE

Inadequate budget for marketing costs has always been a challenge for most small online business owners.

However, it is possible to promote your e-Commerce website in Malaysia without cost you a cent, and the lack of a big-budget should not stop you from getting attention.

Let us enter the main topic on how to promote your e-Commerce website/ business.

1. Mastering Social Media to Drive e-Commerce Site Traffic

Social Media in Malaysia Insights

Data told us that social media is now the NUMBER 1 driver of your website traffic, which drove about 31.24% of overall traffic to the sites.

Formerly, organic search like Google made up the lion’s share of website visits, but now the table has turned. The media consumption habits of online shoppers have changed dramatically, which we have mentioned in our previous marketing blog.

The data from We are social shows the average time spent of Malaysian Internet users with social media is almost 3 hours per day. This gives us an insight on social media is now the trend to bring business opportunities.

Why Social Media? The Do’s and Don’ts

Social media is a great place to grab the user’s attention by demonstrating your expertise, bring out your brand value, and genuinely interact with your audience.

We said this is a free marketing tool for your e-Commerce business, as organic customer acquisition is one of the vital benefits of social networks.

DO NOT spam your products onto social media platforms, but you should start by creating or sharing relevant and interesting content.

DO try to stand in their shoes to show something they are interested in and try to link the post to your e-Commerce site. Then, your audience will have a reason to visit your website and see what you are selling.

Picture credits to: @ShopeeMY on Facebook

Given an example of Shopee, the top e-Commerce website in Malaysia, they actively creating engaging and interesting contents on Facebook to drive traffic to their site.

2. Never Forget Basic SEO

Like what we always mention, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now the most powerful marketing tool to improve a website’s organic visibility on the search engine result pages.

Since we are sharing how you can promote an e-Commerce website for free, let us just set aside about hiring a SEO expert.

What you can do is to always practice basic SEO to obtain natural traffic and higher search engine result ranking.

For instance, there are more than 200 ranking factors on Google, you may focus on the few points below that work around your budget:

  • Keyword Research and Targeting: Research and target for the right keywords that shoppers actively searching for what you are selling. For example, if you are an online women shoes store, your eCommerce website should target people who are searching for “women shoes” online. There is various free keyword research tool available, such as Google Keyword Planner.


  • Keyword placement. Once you have targeted some right keywords, your need to put them into use, such as website URLs, titles, descriptions, content, URLs, and more.

3. Keep Up the Trend with Shopping Sale in Malaysia

Such as 11.11 (Singles’ Day) and 12.12 (Double 12), there are many super shopping days in Malaysia that significantly trigger the online shopping market sentiment.

e-Commerce owners have to always get ready beforehand, give some ‘sneak peek’ to the visitors to trigger their buying intention.

Update your website banner with your offers is a smart way to associate with your super sales campaign. This can grab the audience’s attention immediately and get them into the spirit of super shopping days.

Picture credits:

Picture credits:

If Not Now, Then When?

According to the reports on the prospects of SMEs and industry’s own predictions, at least 50% of SMEs would choose to close their business due to the extent of CMCO, said Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.

All the e-Commerce data of Malaysia tells us one important fact: almost everyone purchases things online now, and we believe e-Commerce is the lifesaver of many local SME owners.

The best thing is, you can always start with a low budget, home-based, or even part-time with it.

There is an agreement from analysts saying that Malaysia will enjoy strong e-Commerce growth over the coming years, with the prediction of being the TOP FIVE fastest-growing e-Commerce markets by 2020.

As a Chinese saying goes, crisis entails opportunity. The covid-19 pandemic might not be as bad as you think, but it might be the right time to take your business online for greater opportunities.

A Good News Exclusive for All Local Sellers in Malaysia

If you are not ready or lack of budget for your own e-Commerce website, you are encouraged to sell products at other local e-Commerce sites.

However, the famous and highly competitive e-Commerce website in Malaysia such as Shopee and Lazada are no more the only choices for local business owners. There are many eCommerce Web Design Companies in the market that can offer you e-Commerce solutions.

Zoewebs as a leading Website Design and Digital Marketing company in Malaysia is always prepared to lend a helping hand to local business owners who want to conduct their business online. Thus, we introduced a free E-Bazaar, 99stalls that provides a central hub for local sellers and consumers.

Picture credits to:

99Stalls by Zoewebs also attended a meeting with Minister of Entrepreneur Development YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Wan Junaidi and more than 30 government agencies to discuss the solutions on how to help small and micro companies to go online.

Picture credits to: @zoewebs on Facebook

Photo credits to: @dswanjunaidi on Facebook

You may look into detailed at our previous blog about this E-Commerce bazaar,

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