Common online marketing MISTAKES that we make

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Did you realize you made a terrible online marketing mistake every day?

These mistakes may cost money, discredit or even missed an important opportunity. As we know, online marketing is not an easy task, especially when you’re running your own business. You have to manage your stuff, sales, branding, and everything all at once. But don’t worry, it’s not too late for you to prevent mistakes.

Here are the 5 things and actionable tips about online marketing mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.


1. A website without “call to action” (CTAs)

This is a serious mistake. After spending a lot of money and effort putting up a website and promoting it and getting visitors to it, but at the end, the visitor “lost” on your website. If your website has a call to action, it can email subscriptions, request a quotation or consultation, download a file, special discount or product demo, which gives you a pat on the back. Need someone to buy your product or collect leads? You’ll need strong calls to action on your website!

2. Website is not mobile-friendly

Having a website isn’t enough for online marketing. Your website needs a responsive layout, specially optimized for mobile devices. WHY? This is because everyone has a smartphone on hand. Bad mobile experiences will turn your potential customers away from your business. No matter how much you spent on the Google ads, people will just go away if the website isn’t optimized for mobile users.

3. Targeting everyone

Don’t be greedy! Targeting everyone and anyone is also an inefficient way to spend money for your online marketing. Some of the entrepreneurs tried to target any user with internet access. But actually, it’s impossible to targeting everyone. You have to narrow your target market. When referring to the “right” visitors, it is not referring to only demographic parameters. You should be marketing to a niche, not a demographic. You’ll get more relevant leads this way.

4. Don’t have a proper marketing plan

Hey, How much are you planning to spend on internet marketing? What are the strategies that you want to apply? What kind of return are you expecting? Do not just blindly invest money in digital marketing without measuring the ROI or even the plan. This is because you won’t know how successful your strategy was. If you are not confident in calculating the return on your investment, please look for a reputable agency like us to help you figure out a proper plan to save your monthly ads expenses to get the best result.

5. Ignoring using SEO /Google search Ads

SEO basics are just as important in 2018 as they have always been! You have a presentable website, excellent content, fantastic photos inside, etc… But one question: If netizen is not able to find you in Search Engine, how can you get the business? Our job is to make sure that your website contains keywords and phrases that people are searching for.

How will you solve these mistakes that your company is making? Please kindly contact us at 012-334 3029 (YY LEE) for the solution.
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