What are the benefits of using Doubleclick?

It’s an honor and a privilege for Zoewebs to be invited to participate in DoubleClick training by Google Malaysia on 30th of July 2018. We just wanted to thank Google Malaysia once more for the wonderful training they gave us. We learned a lot more than we expected and the course truly exceeded our expectations. And now, we would like to share the knowledge that what we have learned from the training.

First, “What is DoubleClick?”

It is a digital marketing strategy that is owned by Google which generates the greatest result for publishers and online advertisers by using their marketing budget. While the budget is fixed, the tools will determine access to the suitable online audiences, inventory, measurement and therefore your results.

The robust data generated and contained within the DoubleClick platform allows the most advanced targeting and measurement capabilities across different campaign elements and channels.

Also, the DoubleClick is only available for a team, like us, which is certified experts to manage the campaigns from this advanced platform.


Case Studies

One of the most well-known brands in the world – Hewlett Packard (HP) recently undertook a DC strategic shift to strengthen this visibility by getting closer ownership of data intelligence for reporting and optimization across the marketing mix.


The Goals

  • Drive sales for HP Home & Home Office products such as computers, printers, and ink cartridges
  • Efficiently respond in real time to paid search marketing opportunities across the globe


The Approach

  • Rigorously tested DoubleClick Search versus an incumbent SEM platform
  • Implemented bid strategies in DoubleClick Search that use real-time data and bidding
  • Set up inventory-aware campaigns to update search ads with real-time product information


The Results

  • 23% cost reduction and 16% revenue growth
  • Improved the cost per order dollar by 33% versus the incumbent platform
  • Saved 13 hours per week


Testimonials from HP

We think ownership of our marketing data will be a strong advantage for the future, and the platform’s unique capabilities in data and real-time action were a big part of why we looked at DoubleClick Search.
– Jay Dark, Director of Search and Global Marketing, Hewlett Packard

Want to know more about how DoubleClick to boost your buisness’s sales on a TIGHT BUDGET ? Check out our website  OR contact us at 012-334 3029

source from doubleclickbygoogle

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