How Disney Uses Social Media Like a Pro

The HAPPIEST social media strategy on Earth is in Disney!

With more than 300 million LIKES across all of its social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What’s the secret of social media uses to Walt Disney Company’s success?

1. Instagram

Instagram has become one of the largest social media in the world.

In June 2018, Instagram announced that it has reached 1 billion monthly active users and become a great community of artists, specifically in Disney.

There is countless Instagram account (more than 200 and still counting) that relevant to Disney and it also gives fans from all over the world a chance to share their love for Disney! No matter which account, there are full of attractive, exclusive content that users won’t find anywhere else.

Their Instagram shows a more human side of Disney, such as physical “Princess/prince”, characters, events, show, premieres, and Disney World to get close with fans.

They are even smart in #Hastags, and the recent one is #D23EXPO to categorize those posts and help users shoes more easily in Instagram search.

They have short captions but their tone of voice comes across well and very specific to their audience. They also produce cute and funny short or 1 minutes videos that they know their target audience will love.

Not sure how to scope out the trendy ones? These are the current top 10 Disney associated hashtags:

#Disney #DisneyLand #DisneyWorld #DisneyParks #DisneyGram #DisneyFan #DisneySea #DisneyLove #DisneyLife #DisneySide.

2. Facebook

The secret that Disney succeeds in Facebook is because they are not selling products/ character, but building a community.

Through their Facebook page, people can see that it’s not product-driven.

Many of the communications are casual and centered on interacting with fans.

Respond or reply to the customer quickly on social media is very important. Comments are what real customer feedback to you and it helps you to learn the things people are most interested in.

What is great about their Facebook presence is their casual approach towards descriptions and explanations on their posts, which are simple but effective and get their message across similar to their tone of voice. They are more entertaining and humorous on Facebook which comes across through their varied content.

*Keep your posts on the topic!

3. Twitter

Disney joined Twitter in 2009 and have over 5.96 million followers now.

Their Twitter account is one of the most visual and uses the happiest strategy on Earth to attract followers.

Their every single post includes an image, video, gif and “memories”. The concept of their Twitter account does not only update the latest news but also to inspire and motivate followers with famous quotes from Disney films. Disney creates the meaningful childhood memories and now they use Twitter to recall back all the memories to “CREATE SHAREABLE” content.

4. Pinterest

When we talk about Disney Pinterest, we will think about how incredibly well recipes do with its core demographic.

Disney has 465,195 followers on Pinterest and it’s as magical as you imagined it to be.

They keep their page visually interesting and have innovative and fun board names ranging from famous Disney films to Disney inspired food, Disney DIY, and recipes. On Pinterest, it works well by expanding your categories in order to reach a wide and varied audience so you can then eventually increase engagement.

5. Youtube

No doubt, fans are always going crazy over the trailer for a new Disney movie.

Disney has more than 4 millions subscribers in their Youtube channel. How does Disney succeed on Youtube?

By creating exclusive original content and investing in advertising to reach and engage more viewers. They target the “RIGHT” audience, promote latest events, trailer in every country, DIY with Adwords. Apply a relevant strategy.

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