Website Design

Website Design

First online interaction between you and your customer.

Why Website Design Matters?

What is the first thought that comes to mind for a visitor as they visit your website? That’s right! Website design matters! Your website is the first online place where you and your clients interact. Everything counts in the first impression.
If given 15 minutes to read a content, statistics show that two-thirds of people would rather read something elegantly designed than anything plain. Visitors would judge your website within SECONDS. They might be drawn in and stay if your website is eye-catching, user-friendly, and creatively designed.
However, what considers an appealing website? Based on the key findings of Google Research, websites with low visual complexity (VC) and high prototypicality (how representative a design looks) were perceived as highly appealing. Thus, we stick to these hidden tips as a design element to drive our success. A superlative website design is crucial for your online marketing presence. It sets the first impressions of your visitors, brings great user experience, aids your SEO strategy, to name a few. You might now be attracted by our website design so that you stay and read until this far! Before you dig deeper to reveal more about us, let our Portfolio speaks beforehand:
Why Your Business Require Website Design

Our Portfolio

With over 15 years of expertise in this field, Zoewebs is one of the reputable website design companies in Malaysia created more than 1000 websites that sell for our valued clients.

Although we are website design agency based in Penang, Malaysia, we offer local and INTERNATIONAL services. In other words, we assist both local and international clients in creating their eye-catching, elegantly designed, and user-friendly websites that allow them to express themselves online to the fullest.

Our Stunning Website Features that Work

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of our strongest expertise. Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) such as Google Ads (PPC), SEO could bring you the most precious, organic traffic, which is free.

You couldn't pay for a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

That's why people found it is more valuable—— as only quality websites with great content could rank higher at the search engines.

With our website design services, we can guarantee you our well-designed websites are all SEO friendly, which can help to rank your website higher at the search engines. Without much hassles, your website can reach more valuable visitors who might convert.

Responsive Layout

Most people check their emails or catch up with their social media with different devices. You found it annoyed when the website you search is not 'smart' enough to fit into different screen sizes? This explains why responsive layout has become one of the most important factors for great user experience.

We are here to set your worries aside as all our websites are highly responsive!

We utilize Responsive Layout to bring the greatest user experience. Websites will be optimized to adapt to every type of screen, regardless of what device they are being viewed.

Fully Self-manage

We utilize Content Management Systems (CMS) in building our websites. Thus, all the web content can be created, stored, and edited in an easy-to-manage way.

Basic training will be provided to every client after the website is launched. We ensure our clients can edit the website content and settings on their own through the administrative portion (referred to as the Backend).

Unlimited & Customized design

With our in-house professional website designer, Zoewebs provides unlimited and customized graphic design options to our clients upon developing a website.

As a customer-centric website design company, client's satisfaction is always our priority. We listen, communicate, and make sure we understand your needs beforehand.

Customized web design is the key to create unique, well-presenting websites for every business. In this, our experienced graphic designer is good at incorporating your brand's element into the website. We create sites that tell your brand's value.

CMS that We Support

We support an extensive range of Content Management System (CMS) that fulfil your specific needs. With over a decade of experience, we came across and
are familiar with most of the common CMS. Be it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, to name a few.

One-Stop Website Solutions that Lessen You Burden

Domain and Hosting
Each domain name is unique and relatively a limited resource. We help you to acquire the most suitable domain so you can save your time and hassle. Moreover, we have reliable web hosting to host any website for our clients.
Our professional photographers have established comprehensive experience in almost all types of commercial photography. We assure you superlative quality photos that will improve the image of your product or service. We tell your brand’s story in the photographs.
Video marketing is one of the most effective strategies that every marketer should not neglect in this era. You need credible videography to connect with your prospects and customers emotionally. Innovative and high-quality videos can stimulate different kinds of emotions which written words are unable to do so.
Everyone knows how to write. But displaying ordinary web content means you are always one step behind of your competitors! We not only create fresh and great content, but we emphasize the power of SEO writing. Our experts combine creative writing with SEO keywords that could effectively connect with your audience.
SSL Certificate
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor, TLS (Transport Layer Security), are protocols for establishing secure links between networked computers. SSL is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure. By installing SSL, any information transferred, including personal details, are encrypted. Thus, SSL is essential in safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems.

As Comprehensive As We Can

Other Common Web Applications

We do not have Superpower – but our expertise does. At Zoewebs, you can find everything you need for a website. What you need to do is telling us your thoughts.
Our team is always here to help!
Have specific needs for any features’ combination? You may always call us for customization.

Other common website applications including:

Product Gallery
Newsletter Integration
Social Media Integration
Live Chat
Event Calender
Online Form
Pop-up Message

We Have Your Back After the Website Development

We never leave you alone after we have successfully developed and launched the website.

 Our professional website designer team will always provide support services as below to back you up


Training will be provided to every client. We ensure everything is clear for you to access the website's Backend and able to manage it on your own.


Zoewebs provides three months warranty after the website is launched.

We will fully support and solve any issues on the website in the eligible warranty period.

Website maintenance

We do also support minor adjustments or features updating for your website during the warranty period.

System upgrade

If your site's CMS is outdating, you might be losing out on new features that can help you generate sales.

If you think you are ready for an upgrade, do have a conversation with us.

How is the Process?

  • Understand your Requirment

    Communication is the key to achieve successful cooperation. We always stand in clients' shoes to think about your desire and turn them into reality. During the whole process, Zoewebs team will provide the utmost professional suggestions to the customers to make things happen.
  • Design

    After we understand your needs, our graphic designer will submit the design to you for approval. Anything can be amended until the design fulfills your requirements.
  • Development

    Here comes the crucial part-website development. We never failed to deliver the work within the promised deadline. To be on time and effective is our core value.
  • Complete

    After the website is completed, final revision has to be done by both sides. The website will be officially launched or goes live after we get your green light.


Anachem Service Sdn Bhd

Anachem Service Sdn Bhd has a website created by YY Lee of Zoewebs for the past six years. Without fail, we are getting a few inquiries monthly ever since. The website created by Zoewebs is of good quality and attracts attention from people looking for the type of services offered by our company

Kee Leng Hong
Kee Leng Hong


I was very impressed with the website design and work done by Zoewebs for my website. Recently my website received a good traffic after the SEO advice from Zoewebs. Besides, my website is fast and smooth to access and respond since day 1. My website had been hacked once last year and I appreciate the fast response from Zoewebs as it was recovered in a very short period. I am happy to deal with Zoewebs that is so responsive to the customer’s needs and delivers result in a timely manner. I will certainly to continue my business with Zoewebs!

William Chan
William Chan


Our company engaged Zoewebs to create our company website then follow by online marketing. Many of our customers said that our new website created by Zoewebs is very beautiful. After the online marketing run by Zoewebs, we received a lot of positive
response. We are very happy and can say that the solution provided by Zoewebs is effective and worth of investment.

Esther Lee
Esther Lee

Alpha Greeno Malaysia

The company is quite professional and patient in meeting the specific requirements of customer. Good service & highly recommended.

Alpha Greeno Malaysia

Eng Hai

For all the web designers that I know, YY Lee (Zoewebs) is the one I trust most and recommend. He is very dedicated and serious about his job.

Eng Hai
Eng Hai


My name is Francis Tan Peng Lam and I am a U. S. graduated pharmacist who currently own a retail pharmacy in Prai, Butterworth. As a traditional retail shop , I can only serve customers around Prai . Luckily I follow the advise of Mr. Lee from Zoewebs to set up my online store. I also follow his advise of online advertisement and online marketing. Now, I received business from all over Malaysia even from oversea. My business has grown 15% ! Thanks to Zoewebs and I will definitely recommend Zoewebs to my friends and to those who want to run their business online.

Francis Tan
Francis Tan

Website Package


RM2,250 / package
  • Content Management System
  • 4 Pages, 1 Contact form with Google Map
  • 4 Royalty Free Pictures
  • Responsive Layout
  • Animation Effect
  • Banner Rotate
  • Product Gallery


RM3,600 / package
  • Content Management System
  • 4 Pages, 1 Contact form with Google Map
  • 4 Royalty Free Pictures
  • Responsive Layout
  • Animation Effect
  • Banner Rotate
  • Product Gallery


RM5,700 / package
  • Content Management System
  • 6 Pages, 1 Contact form with Google Map
  • 6 Royalty Free Pictures
  • Responsive Layout
  • Animation Effect
  • Banner Rotate
  • Product Gallery
  • News and more...
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