How Instagram Influencer Marketing Works

We know that Instagram influencer marketing has now become a norm or tactic that drives traffic and conversions, probably.

What is an Influencer?

Well, it’s pretty much self-explanatory, they are individuals who have the ability to influence the opinions or buying decisions of your target audience, or in this case their followers. Influencers are not professional public people; rather, they are experts in their field and consultants who are not marketing gurus.

Influencers have actually been around for a long time on the blogging platform blogspot where the famous bloggers are considered as influencers.

These bloggers started off by blogging about themselves and about the products they have tried. When other people tried their suggestion and like it, their trust towards that blogger increases and they also recommend it to their other friends.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Instagram Influencer Marketing?

With the emergence of Instagram way back in 2010, it has rapidly increased its user base and now it has approximately 700 million users counted in 2017.


Large User numbers lead to more Influencers

As Instagram users steadily increased, the number of influencers also increases. With the combination of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other channels, these are the very good platforms for advertising and marketing due to their large number of users every day.

Instead of the traditional marketing method where ads are placed in the application, there is the option for Instagram influencer marketing.

This term may seem new to you but actually, it has already been around for a long time.

Previously, influencers use blogs to update their daily lives and also write reviews about products that they have used. Well, all of that is now done on Instagram. But how does an influencer differentiate from traditional marketing?

Instagram Influencer Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, Instagram influencer marketing may be more specific and at times cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

Instagram Influencer marketing is cheaper in a way where companies don’t have to go all the way out to place advertisements or pay famous people to do an ad about their product.

What all the companies have to do is just send a sample of their product for the influencer to try out or pay and get their honest opinion.

This way, the company can get direct feedback from the influencer themselves and also promote their product to the followers of that popular influencer. Besides that, it is easier for the company to promote a specific target market through influencer marketing.

Do it Wisely

Beforehand, all you have to do is get an influencer who is good in that particular field to test their products.

Since most likely all the followers will have the same interest as the influencer, you can easily promote your product to your targeted customers. With that done, If your product is really good you will soon see an increase in your sales thanks to the recommendation from the influencer.

Want to have a try in influencer marketing or want to be an influencer yourself? Contact us today! We are always ready to help you!

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