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Why Investing Into Ecommerce Website is Important For your Business?

Ever think of wanting your business to gain more exposure and sales (both internationally and locally), as well as keeping it operated 24/7 without the concern of time? By just having an ecommerce website, you can do all that as easy as a hand’s turn.

Ecommerce website is now one of the most crucial emerging sectors of online marketing because it’s estimated to have 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021, while ecommerce sales are expected to account for 18.1 percent of retail sales worldwide. Without having your business’s existence on the web, you’ll be losing these enormous number of consumers and leaving yourself to be thrown into the shade by your competitors.

Have a plan on developing your own ecommerce website but not sure where to do it? We can help you with our complete ecommerce solution. Let’s compare the ecommerce package that we offer and have a look on some of our success examples.
Build your ecommerce website and sells product online
eCommerce Webisite


Are you considering to do business online? We can help you with our complete eCommerce solution.

Compare the eCommerce packages that we offer!



There is NO LIMIT!
  • Display: As many products as you wish.
  • Variations: As many options as you wish, ranging from color, size to material, at different prices, with different images.
Displays customers’ feedback on the product page, including the ‘Verified Owner’ label.
A myriad of options available, including pickup, delivery, shipping method and the following:
  • Restrictions and limitations: delivery based on fixed locations; or a fixed rate for different products; or extra charges for heavy products.
  • Payment gateways: Paypal, Credit Cards; Cash on Delivery.
Displays taxes based on your customers’ shipping and billing address; or your store’s base address. Which can be converted to selected currencies automatically.
  • Members registration.
  • Auto generation of usernames and passwords.
  • Returning customer login reminder.
  • Guest checkout for non-member.
  • Track stock levels.
  • Hold stock after an order is cancelled.
  • Get notifications for low quantity or out-of-stock items.
  • Edit stock manually or mark items that have been shipped.
Provides coupons or special offers like free shipping. OR Displays related products to help your customers find products that suit their needs and encourage them to purchase more.
You can view the sales, refunds, transactions as well as the best-selling products and categories on your website. With this information, you can adjust your inventory and marketing approach accordingly.


Build your ecommerce website and sells product online

We build visitors-centric websites that have a responsive layout, user-friendly interface, and seamless navigation. We make sure our designs incorporate these qualities to improve your customers’ website use experience.


Over 12 years in Website design and Online Marketing, we have gathered a team of skilled experts. We possess the technical as well as commercial know-how to help your business stands out from the crowd.


We use sources such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento, which allow us to customize a website according to your requirements. With our flexible service, you enjoy unlimited modifications to achieve a website that fits your expectations. Clients’ satisfaction is always our priority!

Being an MSC recognized company and a Google Partner means that we deliver quality customer service, offer a competitive advantage to clients, and have received training to help grow business online.

Benefits of Ecommerce Site

Save Time

Save Time

As compared to physical stores, customers can place orders in a relatively short period of time without having them to leave their homes or offices.

More Product and Service Information

More Product and Service Information

Customer can be provided with lots of information from several businesses on the same time without having to physically move around, making their shopping experience satisfied and quicker and easier.

More Detailed Decision Making

More Detailed Decision Making

All products and services information is up there on ecommerce website and this makes it extremely easy for consumers to do comparison shopping and to make wise decision.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

It is always more expensive to rent a physical store than developing an ecommerce online store, and yet the features of ecommerce online store allow you to fully expand your business without having to worry about moving location.

24/7 Operated Store

24/7 Operated Store

Having an ecommerce website unleash the potential of your business performance and extend your business operating hours to 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, welcoming your guest at any time anywhere.

Expose To Wider Market

Expose To Wider Market

Ecommerce website bring your business sales to the next level because you’re no longer limited in a small market, oppositely you’ve got the chance of approaching and engaging with consumers from all around the world.

Our Services

Unlimited Products & Categories

There is NO LIMIT!
  • Display: As many products as you wish.
  • Variations: As many options as you wish, ranging from color, size to material, at different prices, with different images.

Unlimited Client Accounts

You are not charged based on the number of the visitors go through your store and you can have millions of customer accounts stored in your website database.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Regardless of the number of staff you have in your online store, their accounts can all be registered and help you to handle the backend of your online store.

Rating & Reviews

Displays customers’ feedback on the product page, including the ‘Verified Owner’ label.

Shopping Cart

An ecommerce shopping cart acts as your ecommerce website catalogue and enables your customers to select your products/services, make review and check on what they’ve selected, make modification or add/delete extra items if they wish to, and purchase them in one shot on your site.

Abandon Cart Recovery

Abandon Cart Recovery (ACR) allows your ecommerce website to save customer carts that have not check out. On customer side, it allows customers to continue shopping on the next visit without having their cart cleared. While on business side, it allowed businesses to automatically send reminder to those customers who left without completing an order after they’ve added products to their shopping carts.

Additional Ecommerce Website Solutions​

Make your business stand out of the crowd and turn your idea into reality. Invest your efforts to an online store or a professional yet well-designed website.
We ensure your website is functional across different devices and is compatible on all platforms. With proper design and functionality, your website’s chances of conversion will be higher and we make sure that these are all done for your online store website.
Up to your marketing strategies, we create your online store website with blog content features. You are able to create blog contents which enriched with additional videos, images, texts, tables, and backlinks in order to be SEO-friendly

Business ecommerce templates is suitable for every kind of business including online fashion store, handicraft products, organic products, furniture and more. With template editors, ecommerce website admins are also allowed to make minor changes to the design of their website such as business logo, website content heading title and its layout.

Creating engaging email templates is a must if you want to be successful in email marketing. We ensure that email editor will be embedded in your ecommerce site. It allows you to build email campaign and reengage with your customers.

Check out order in a timely manner and keep customers updated on their orders to encourage repeat purchases and satisfaction. Zoewebs has the capability of creating ecommerce sites with these features.

Your stock level can be tracked accordingly or hold after an order is cancelled by customers. You’ll also get notification if certain products are running low or literally out-of-stock as well as hide out-of-stock on your ecommerce site.

With ecommerce invoice system, you’ll be able to confirm orders and provide a detailed order confirmation to customers via email after they purchase from your site.

Order import & export features makes it extremely easy to export and import order data in Excel CSV formats. With this feature, you’ll be able maintain your order history and keep track on what customers have ordered from your site previously.
With manual order creation feature on your online store website, you can create an order that you took over the phone and enter payment details as well as other order information, then email your customer a receipt with full order details.

Having a wish list feature on your ecommerce site allow customers to create personalized collection of products they would like to purchase. Thus, you’ll be able to know what products are your customers actually interested in and fill them in your product list to fulfil your customers’ needs.

An ecommerce store offering a combination of affordable and efficient shipping methods can be helpful in reducing shopping cart abandonment rates and increase sales conversion. Our system is fully customisable according to your business strategy and strive to make your order delivery progress smooth and steady.

Our system allows multiple shipping charges by location, weight, flat rate, or specific rates for different products, like extra charges for heavy products. The correct rates will be calculated by our system and shown to customer accurately at the checkout progress.
It is troublesome to manually book shipping order 1 by 1, we understand that and our system is integrated with EasyParcel to simplify your delivery process. An EasyParcel integrated online store is able to let the customers choose the courier themselves when they make order or courier service decided by the owner.

Our system will keep customers updated on their latest order status from payment confirmation until shipment successfully delivered. Along the way, admin can key in tracking number so that customer can track their orders online.

In order to achieve profitability and be successful, determining payment methods that suit your business nature and at the same time appeal to your customers is especially important. Our system offers various type of payment method and it’s customisable based on your online business’s needs.

Secured checkout enables your business to receive and process payment from customers safely. Its purpose is to strengthen customers’ trust towards your brands and to enhance customers’ checkout experience.
PayPal Integrated online store allows you to accept payments with PayPal. On your customer’s side, they can pay in 26 different currencies with PayPal or any major debit or credit card without the need of leaving your site.

Our system supports multiple currencies, making you hassle-free on your customers’ location and the currencies they’re going to pay you on your site.

Forcing customer to create store account in order to purchase will result in an increased cart abandonment rate. Our system comes with guest checkout feature, allowing your customers to purchase without the need of creating a store account. It takes lesser time in their purchase process and help to convert sales faster.

Offline payment can be a very helpful alternative to make payment attainable for non-credit card/debit card holders. By setting up offline payment feature in your online store, your customer will be allowed to pay you with cash or to make payments directly to your bank account through bank deposit or in the form of bank cheques.

With analytic report featured in your online store, you’ll get to gain insight into how your visitors interact with your ecommerce website. Also, you’ll be able to improve your ecommerce website based on the communication you’ve made with your audience.

It’s troublesome to look for older data generated by your ecommerce website integrated marketing tools and difficult to compare them with recent results. Advanced data filter allows you to further customize the data set being viewed, such as the date range selections, granting you access to compare the results from a particular date to another date that you wish to view.

Sales report is helpful in providing insights on sales and products detail that shown your customers’ buying behaviour. With sales report featured in your online store, you’ll be able to look at the sales generated from your ecommerce website over time.

Coupon report will also be one of the features of our ecommerce website just in case you’re in need of running a coupon-based promotion in the future. Coupon report tracks the use of coupons in your online store and it displays the following information:

Coupon NameThe name given to the coupon in your online store administration
CodeThe code that’s used to activate the coupon in your online store.
OrdersTotal of orders used this specific coupon
TotalThe total number of coupon used

You would surely want your online store website to be more special and attractive to your audience. We heard you and we create your online store with different marketing plugins, providing you with more options on your promotional activity types and enhance your online store’s performance in no time.

An ecommerce store without SEO tools is nothing because you cannot optimize your website’s content and may results in failure of attracting potential audience. Our ecommerce website integrated with SEO tools allows you to edit your site content and meta title based on certain metrics like readability, and increase your site’s ranking on Google.

An ecommerce store with marketing features allowed site owners to run varieties of promotional campaign as they like. With promotional tools integrated online store, you’ll be able to run discounts, free gifts, coupons giveaway campaign to increase sales.

Product bundling is one of the greatest ways to help ecommerce store owners achieve revenue goals. Our ecommerce website allows you to upsell your products and to combined your products into packaged sets and sell at a lower price than if they were sold individually.

Customers like to feel special and receive unique discount for the products they purchase once in a blue moon. Our ecommerce website allows you to create different customer group and assign different discount percentage for each group.

A bulk discount is a discount strategy that offered to customers when they buy a certain quantity of products. With bulk discount featured in your online store, you’re able to convince your customers to buy in bulk because it costs lesser if it’s purchased in large quantity.

Looking for live chat software for your ecommerce store because it makes your ecommerce website simple and easy to handle customer communication and answer queries in fast and efficient way? Worry not! our ecommerce website integrated with live chat features gives your website visitors a reliable chat service and increase their comforts level and your overall brand reputation.

With login to view price plugin, you are allowed to show your products price and add to cart button only if your customers have logged into your site. The product price and add to cart button are not showable until your customers successfully logged into your site.

With Mailchimp connected to your online store, you’ll have a full access to personalized, yet powerful sales-driving marketing features that allow you to build better engagements and relationship with your customers. Our ecommerce website comes with MailChimp all-in-one marketing platform allows you to not only perform e-mail marketing, but also other business leveraging tools that drive conversions.

Rewards your customers for purchases or any other action made on your ecommerce stores with redeemable points for discounts could be a way to drive repeat purchases and increase total conversion rates. With point and reward system plugin installed in your online store, you can easily set the number of points customer can earn with certain amount of dollar spent, as well as the number of points that customer can redeem for specific items or a specific discount amount.

According to Mediakix, there are up to 81% of brands use affiliate marketing as one of their marketing strategies. An affiliate program integrated ecommerce website allows you to make your site visitors as your brand affiliates, then they will be helping you to promote your products on their own site and earn a commission from you based on every sale. Don’t worry, all data including traffic, conversion, commission and pay out information will be tracked properly by our ecommerce online store.

A social media strategy integrated ecommerce store can help store owners to build brand awareness, communicate with audience, and generate more sales conversion. According to Hootsuite, 76.8% of internet users in the globe purchase a product online in 2020. Another 44.8 of them use social media to search for the brand information of the product that they want to purchase.

A share to social media feature is necessary because it lets your audience to share your page information on their profile. Having a share to social media feature on your ecommerce site provides social proof of other consumers have made their purchases from your store. Apart from that, your product and site info will also be forecasted in front of customer’s social media followers and potentially, drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

Our ecommerce website automatically syncs with your Facebook and latest updates will automatically be reflected on your Facebook store. You can categorize and sort your products with the collection feature on Facebook. To improve the visibility of your products, you can tag your products and highlight your best seller on both Facebook and Instagram in the same pace.

With marketplace like Lazada and Shopee integrated on your ecommerce site, you’ll be able to reach out millions of more customers worldwide and no longer limited to the customers from your home country only.  Our ecommerce website allows you to find a wider and more diverse range of customers through different marketplace channel and ballooning your online sales like no one ever could.


CMS That We Support

A customizable and open source ecommerce plugin on WordPress that enable your WordPress website to turns into a fully-functional ecommerce website with just a few clicks.

An open source and complete ecommerce solution that used to launch your online store, add/manage your products on your site, and let your customers purchase your product with different currencies.

An open source ecommerce platform that provides flexible shopping cart system and offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization tools as well as a full control over the look, content, and functionality of online stores.

Virtuemart by Joomla!
An ecommerce extension by Joomla that designed as an extension for Content Management System (CMS). It is easy to use and offers thousands of built-in features to create online store professionally in just some minutes.

Why Choose Zoewebs As Your eCommerce Provider?

5 Stars Rated Vendor

Thanks to our quality and efficient service, we have been recognised as one of the 5 star rated vendors by many consumer review websites like Trustpilot, Sortlist and GMB. As a 5 star rated vendor, customers’ satisfaction is our priority and we ensure our service is worth for your business investment!

More than 14 Years Experience

Over 14 years in Website design and Digital Marketing, we have gathered a team of skilled experts. We possess the technical as well as commercial know-how to help your business stands out from the crowd.


We use sources such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento, which allow us to customize a website according to your requirements.

With our flexible service, you enjoy unlimited modifications to achieve a website that fits your expectations. Clients’ satisfaction is always our priority!

MSC Recognized and Google Partner

Being an MSC recognized company and a Google Partner means that we deliver quality customer service, offer a competitive advantage to clients, and have received training to help grow business online.

How Our Customers Say About Us

Anachem Service Sdn Bhd

Anachem Service Sdn Bhd has a website created by YY Lee of Zoewebs for the past six years. Without fail, we are getting a few inquiries monthly ever since. The website created by Zoewebs is of good quality and attracts attention from people looking for the type of services offered by our company

Kee Leng Hong
Kee Leng Hong


I was very impressed with the website design and work done by Zoewebs for my website. Recently my website received a good traffic after the SEO advice from Zoewebs. Besides, my website is fast and smooth to access and respond since day 1. My website had been hacked once last year and I appreciate the fast response from Zoewebs as it was recovered in a very short period. I am happy to deal with Zoewebs that is so responsive to the customer’s needs and delivers result in a timely manner. I will certainly to continue my business with Zoewebs!

William Chan
William Chan


Our company engaged Zoewebs to create our company website then follow by online marketing. Many of our customers said that our new website created by Zoewebs is very beautiful. After the online marketing run by Zoewebs, we received a lot of positive
response. We are very happy and can say that the solution provided by Zoewebs is effective and worth of investment.

Esther Lee
Esther Lee

Alpha Greeno Malaysia

The company is quite professional and patient in meeting the specific requirements of customer. Good service & highly recommended.

Alpha Greeno Malaysia

Eng Hai

For all the web designers that I know, YY Lee (Zoewebs) is the one I trust most and recommend. He is very dedicated and serious about his job.

Eng Hai
Eng Hai


My name is Francis Tan Peng Lam and I am a U. S. graduated pharmacist who currently own a retail pharmacy in Prai, Butterworth. As a traditional retail shop , I can only serve customers around Prai . Luckily I follow the advise of Mr. Lee from Zoewebs to set up my online store. I also follow his advise of online advertisement and online marketing. Now, I received business from all over Malaysia even from oversea. My business has grown 15% ! Thanks to Zoewebs and I will definitely recommend Zoewebs to my friends and to those who want to run their business online.

Francis Tan
Francis Tan

The Brands that We Worked For

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