3 Good Digital Marketing Lessons From Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets public rent out their places for guests. The latest statistics show that Airbnb users and hosts are constantly increasing. Last updated 3rd of July 2017, the number of users reached 150 million and 640,000 hosts.

Why is Airbnb successful?

There are 3 Digital Marketing lessons that we can learn from Airbnb and see how online marketing has transformed the hospitality industry.

1. Best User Experience Website

That’s very important if had a user-friendly website. When people step onto Airbnb’s site, they are instantly greeted by a safe and welcoming vibe. After inserting the place that you wanna go, it will show few types of the filter, such as price range pain points, live updating listing etc. This helps the user quickly get an idea of the range of prices available for their search without having to dig into a hundred listing to gather this information. Airbnb knows what we want to see! Plenty of images on the site and presented well and also clear of information. Like the number of bedrooms, facilities, kitchen, Wi-Fi, the proximity of local amenities, etc. The key process of searching, viewing and making sense of results, and finding information on rentals is as good as any site I can think of, and better than most.

2. Social Media Content Inspiration

Airbnb is not doing posting, but create Creative. There’s plenty worth shouting about within Airbnb’s community-led approach. Fans need insights and story. Airbnb social media are not hard-selling but share valuable guest experiences.

3. Well Played in Paid Advertising

Yes. Airbnb knows that paid ads has gained much of their market share through Google Pay per Click. Specific keywords, such as Homestay in UK/KL/JAPAN etc, accommodation in x country, homestay near me etc. The Google advertising is effective when based upon solid search behavioral research. Now, let us know what you have in mind for your next!
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