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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) still matters even in 2022 to ace in online presence. In the previous blog, we discussed “Content is King” as one of the effective SEO strategies. So, who is the Queen?

Backlink is Queen

WHY? Why is backlink a queen and what exactly is backlink to be honored as The Queen in SEO? We will get to see and realize how important backlink is by continuing to read this article. Our life is linked in so many ways: we are linked to our family, friends; we are using the Internet which links us to innumerable information; and everything we do is linked to the environment.

What is "Link"

Before the story begins, do you know that there’s actually a full meaning of LINK?


L – Listen

I – Interact

N – Network

K – Knowledge


In the digital world, a link is a code or instruction which connects one part of a program or an element in a list to another (hyperlink). In another way, it connects something, could be information, situations, relationships, and also websites. For example, when your friend sees something fun online and tries to share it with you, they can just simply send you the link which leads you to the particular website. This is how it works. 

3 Types of Links in SEO

whats a link?

In SEO, more links is better than less links; high quality links are better than low quality links. There are three types of links in SEO, and backlink is queen. All the link types and their roles in SEO will be discussed below to have a better understanding on “why there are so many links needed in SEO?

#1 Inbound Link (Backlink)

Inbound link, as known as backlink is the most effective way in doing SEO. Backlink is created when other websites apply, quote, and use information from your website. It can be explained as seeing your website link in other websites. It is very useful when users from other websites are directed to your website and get introduced to your website.


Inbound Link Purposes
  • To increase the traffic – when more users get to know your website
  • Refer as the primary source – when your information is useful and being quoted by the others
  • To be authority – when other websites agree and quote from your website, reaffirm your trustworthiness


Many benefits gained when more backlinks are built.

  1. Better SEO and better rankings
  2. Referral traffic
  3. Brand building
  4. More networking opportunity
  5. Become a resource center
link building type

#2 Outbound Link

Outbound Link is another website’s link when I put the website in my current website, creating inbound links for others. We normally create outbound links as references, when we are quoting others’ information. For example, I get a YouTube video on my website, and I put the YouTube link where people can watch it. It is an example of an outbound link; and the YouTube video gains a backlink from us.


Outbound Link Purposes
  • To show content trustworthiness – make sure it is true and valid from the website 
  • Refer for further reading – users can read more information on the outbound link website
  • Token appreciation – cite the source to give credit for the original source
  • To proof your contents/statements – it can be trusted more when more than one source stating the statements


In addition, there are also benefits gained when having outlinks.

  1. Build trust in your content
  2. Build relationships
  3. Improve SEO

Besides, there are factors given by Google to define a quality website and contents, which are “EAT”, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. More SEO mindset and what Google wants were discussed in “What is SEO and How Does it Work in 2022”.

Our way

  • Informative and quality media
  • Uniqueness
  • Professional design
  • Attractive
  • Link building
  • Inbound link from high DA website
  • Outbound link to reliable source
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Online visibility
  • Long history

From the table above, we can know that “links” can be an important factor for Google to determine the quality of the website. By having all the requirements fulfilled, we can be ranked top and do an effective SEO.

#3 Internal Link

Internal link is linking different pages of the same website. It enhances user experience when the user can refer to the content easily through the link without scrolling through many pages, making navigation easier. Then, it also improves the crawlability of your website where the search engine and users are able to access the contents of your website easily. Lastly, it assists the distribution of link equity across the website, which helps in better SEO when it passes value and authority from one page to another.

Powerful SEO Link Building Strategies in 2022

Link building strategies are methods for increasing the number of backlinks and visibility of a website in order to establish authority.


#1 Blog/content submission

We must keep our website up to date. When our website is updated, our blog/content submission can be published on other websites as an announcement. As a result, our website will receive more backlinks and will be able to reach a larger audience.

#2 Press release

According to thebalance,  a press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance, product launch, or other happening. It’s typically tied to a business or organization and provided to the media through a variety of means. We gain backlink when press releases promote our appearance on the internet via blogs, websites, and social networks. 


HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. Although HARO was established for journalists, it is also used by reporters, bloggers, influencers, and many others looking to connect with expert source, according to Respona. We can provide useful information according to their queries. Our replies and websites could be published if it helps. It’s definitely a win-win situation when we can gain backlink and our expertise helps at the same time.

#4 Directory submission

A directory website is one that contains a list of items and services that we can browse. We get a backline when we’re in the directory list. We should add our website/services in the directory on our own initiative to increase our chances of being identified.

#5 Social media link

We spend the majority of our time scrolling through social media and staying up to date because of it. As a result, having social media links is beneficial because it is the quickest way to gain views nowadays. Users can also simply share the content/website on social media, playing a promotional role.

#6 Comment link

To do an effective SEO, we must first create quality content as Content is King. The vast number of netizens would most likely share and discuss their opinions, comments, feedbacks, user experiences in the comment areas. Therefore, it is workable to have a backlink when our website/content gets commented in the comment section when the user is sharing something related, creating a comment link.

backlink as seo strategy
#7 Guest blogging

Guest blogging is when we write a blog on behalf of another website. A biography of the author will be included beneath the blog, along with a link to the author’s website or profile page. Guest blogging is a useful strategy to imply our skills by sharing our knowledge on other websites that are relevant to us. So, it has the potential to enhance visitors to our website while also increasing our authority and rating.

#8 Outreach

Link-building can be performed in a variety of methods, one of which is outreach. A company can reach out in a variety of ways, including email, social media, influencers outreach, and press outreach. Each of the above methods entails more individuals in attempting them to click on your website’s links or to mention you in their content in order to gain backlinks to your site. Although link building and outreach are closely related, they are not identical. Here’s the difference between link building and outreach.

Link Building Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

black hat link building

Based on the link building strategies above, we know that when there is a will, there’s a way. Many ways can be done for link building for the sake of SEO and helping those who need the information. SEO practice that adhered to Google’s guidelines to improve user experience (which we usually do) is called “White Hat SEO”. However, “Black Hat SEO” is the other way around.


Black Hat SEO violates Google’s guidelines, which is done with complete disregard for human users. The following strategies are the examples of Black Hat SEO that everyone should avoid!

#1 Purchase link 

By purchasing links, the backlink will be placed in many non-related websites. Those websites are normally full of different backlinks which are meaningless. It does not help in SEO but just to increase the number of backlinks regardless of the quality.


#2 Link from problematic websites

Problematic websites are wicked, they might be websites with viruses, malicious software that harm users’ PCs.

#3 Link from not relevant websites

We try to imagine a florist placing a link on the Technology Directory, would it make any sense? No, it is only time wasting and does not bring any value to Google SEO and the directory visitors. Possibly some might get interested but most of them found it annoying when some non-related information appeared. 

#4 Link spamming

Yes, we are encouraged to put links on social media or forums in the comment sections. Comment sections are for sharing, and some opinions for references. However, if we put links which do not bring any value/are not related, it is considered as spamming. Not only on social media, but also applicable to all other platforms. People do not like this kind of spamming link and you might get blacklisted for this action.


All these negative strategies will create confusion for users, instead of helping out. These behaviors are contrary to SEO purposes, which are strongly discouraged.

In conclusion, links are essential in doing effective SEO. We must use the three types of links wisely, in the correct situation. Most importantly, quality of links. SEO in the past was based on  search algorithms, yet SEO now is much more clever where it is all about relevance, quality, and user intent. 


Overall, Backlink is Queen! 

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