Effective SEO Strategy: Content is King

An image showing Content is King for effective seo

How to do effective SEO?


As we’ve discussed the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the previous blog,  we are now going to dive deep into effective SEO strategies. As we can see, “Content is King”, one of the most important strategies is content.


What exactly is content? Perhaps the things we write in an essay? Or the stories we create for an article? So, it is basically for SEO, content means information made available by a website. SEO only works well when the content is excellent enough for Google to suggest to the public.

Concepts of Good SEO Content

  • Updated & fresh

In most people’s minds, “new” translates to “better.” A new model, new course, new post—these are all ways of attracting attention and keeping it. People like to try out and view new things, go to new places, everything “new” could be an attraction. So, keeping your website updated is a good way to boost SEO!



  • Useful to your users

Make sure we help! A useful website makes a good SEO. Users are pleased when the contents fulfill their intentions. Moreover, Google chooses the best websites that possibly solve the users’ problems and ranks them on the top of Google ranking. In consequence, always put yourself in users’ shoes to make sure the contents help!