How Zoewebs Supports SME From Huge Setback


Do you know? Small to medium sized enterprises (SME) have contributed to the major income of this country and formed the main fraction of the economy, regardless of their size. Based on a reported research, 98.5% of businesses in Malaysia are SMEs. Which are also responsible for 38.3% of our GDP, and nearly 17.3% of our exports as a country.

Evidently, “SMEs have been at the core of Malaysia’s economic transformation since the 1990s to an upper-middle income nation and are an important driver of employment and growth”, said the World Bank, “. We are honored to have contributed to the growth and became part of such SMEs market since 2007, the year which our company was founded.

Given the current economy downturn, however, these SMEs have taken a huge setback and been struggling to survive from losses. Recognizing the importance of SMEs to our economy and the challenges that they have been facing, we constantly show our gratitude and support to such businesses. Zoewebs offers a wide selection of online services to small businesses to keep them competitive in the market as well as to help them grow their market share. These services ranging from website development, mobile app development, PPC, social media, internet marketing to SEO, and all these with one purpose— to solve the digital marketing problems for our clients!

how zoewebs support

As a return for our service, our clients have left us numerous good reviews. One of them is from, a notable business ranking platform, which had highlighted Zoewebs as one of the top Social Media Marketing companies in Malaysia. Another example, a bookstore owner who had no idea about e-commerce before hiring our service, mentioned his business has achieved a significant increase of sales since the launching of his website. “Zoewebs’ service is excellent while making it very simple for the client, which we really appreciated,” he said.

In view of the above, we are truly grateful to our clients for choosing us as their service provider and giving us the opportunity to grow. Especially those who took their time to leave us a good comment.

Last but not least, please feel free to contact us if you are interested to find out more about our service. Stay safe!

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